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Become the best version of yourself.


I help women lose fat & build strong sexy bodies without giving up the foods they love.

Have no time?

Feel too tired?

Mommy of 2?

No willpower/too lazy?

Lack of confidence?

Intimidated by the gym?

Don’t know where to start?

Nothing has worked?

You’ve tried every fad diet?

Stuck in an all or nothing mentality?

Trust me, I get it!

I’ve been in your shoes before.


Let me help you.

Apply for coaching.

Invest in YOU.

YOU are your greatest investment.

Only thing holding you back are your excuses. You are 100% capable.

Stop, stopping yourself and make yourself a priority this year!

If not now, when?




I used to hate the gym. Now I can walk in and hit my routines with confidence. I’m not intimidated anymore and that in itself is BIG for me. Thank you Daiana!!!!
— Cristina, November 2017
I feel great thanks to you and this program that you have put together!! I absolutely loved the workouts. They challenged me and allowed me to push myself to increase my weight from week to week. I am super happy with my results. You’re a great inspiration.
— Laura, May 2018
You have opened a door for me to a healthy lifestyle that I plan to continue to work on and strive for. You are truly a great motivator.
— Karla, May 2018
Thank you SO much for all of your help these past few weeks. You’ve empowered me to finally chase after my fitness goals and this is only the beginning! I feel a thousands times better than I did at the time my first pics were taken, not only physically but emotionally as well. I feel a lot more balanced and happy with my life in general. I definitely plan to keep up the great habits that you taught me such as weekly meal prepping/clean eating and regular work outs. THANK YOU DAIANA!
— Cindy, July 2018

Take control

You are in control.


-You were able to lose fat & finally walk into your closet CONFIDENTLY because you could wear anything you wanted, comfortably.

-You could build muscle and burn fat, while eating foods you LOVE.

-You could put yourself FIRST on a daily basis.