1:1 Coaching details

August & Sept 2019 BOOKED! Waitlist currently closed.

My 1 on 1 online 8 week coaching program includes both a customized workout and meal plan. I will teach you everything necessary to achieve your dream body and build your confidence in and out of the gym.


Workout Plan

A custom workout plan utilizing weight lifting based on your stats, goals, experience, injuries and most importantly your schedule. I will create a program just for you that can vary from 3-6x per week. My job is to help you turn this into a sustainable lifestyle.



A complete breakdown of what macros are and how to track them. The purpose they serve in your diet and why you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight.

You will receive customized macros based on your current weight, age, height, lifestyle and goals.


Unlimited access to me

Weekly check-ins to assess progress and make adjustments where needed.

Plus access to me 24/7 via email or text if you have questions or need extra accountability.

Fitness App

Video demonstrations of all exercises and access to your training program through fitness app called Trainerize; where you can log in weights used and keep track of progress made each week.



Grocery List + Recipes

A suggested grocery list broken down by macros so you know what sorts of foods will help you reach your goals.

Access to all my favorite recipes.


Cardio recommendations as needed based on your goals and progress. Explanation of benefits from different types of cardio: LISS and HIIT.